Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pictures I never posted

 Labor Day Weekend Jory was out of town and we went to Whole Earth, which we love.  The kids played with some animals and Aaron bought a plane.
 He is doing a great job on his own in lines making purchases now.

 We also went swimming at Dee and Papa's


 Jory sent us this from the Lease

 Last weekend, this is the apple pizza Aaron and I made.  It was SO good.  We are going to make another this weekend.
 Abigail had Dot Day at school this week.  I already had this dress laid out for her, so I was excited to see it had dots all over the sleeves.


My first lunch with Abigail.  She was not nearly as excited as Aaron always was.  I will eat with him for the first time this year on Friday.
 We have SO many apples.  I made a pie and a crisp this week.

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