Friday, September 5, 2014

Week Two!


 The kids had a fantastic second week of school!  It was only four days, but it was their first full days.  They did all of their normal stuff - library, cafeteria, etc.  They just did great.  I didn't take pictures every morning, but the day after Labor Day I always dress them in red, white and blue.  (And every year I note that I am the only one who does this.)

Aaron just came home with so much information every day.  He really has to have a lot of independence and responsibility.  Today he had to go to the office by himself to let them know he didn't have a bus pass and he did great.


Abigail loves to play in the car while we are waiting at drop off.


We had Curriculum nights this week and we learned about what the kids are doing and what we should be doing.  It was really good information.  We love their teachers so much.  They are two very different teachers, but we have two very different kids.



We are also finding that the different elementary schools in the same school district all do things very differently.  That's a little hard to get used to.

Abigail's school spent 33% of their budget last year on printing, so they have gone 100% paperless.  Just like that.  So, no stickers, behavior charts or notes home.  We get an electronic Dojo telling us how her day was and how her overall week was.  Any comments are on that. 



On Fridays the kids wear green or dragon gear for the games during football season. 

I feel like I have left so much out, but we are just super proud of both of the kiddos this week!

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