Monday, September 29, 2014

Random Phone Pictures

 I just cleaned off my phone.  This was Abigail's behavior chart from two weeks ago

 Aaron made me this when I travelled a couple of weeks ago and it was the greatest thing ever.  I showed it to everyone. 

When I travelled I took a picture of this because, really?

 Abigail's chart last week.

Aaron had a fever yesterday and couldn't go to school today because he wasn't 24-hour fever free.  I had something I had to do and I took him with me.  I had a free food item at Starbucks so I took him for a treat.

 Abigail's chart for today.  Clearly, there was not a lot of updating today, but it was still so fun to see this!
 Aaron wants to learn how to play chess.  My brother thinks my dad could do it.  Yes?




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