Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some Morning Pictures

 School has been going really well so far.  We are in our second full week and we are in a good routine, it seems.

Both kids have been getting good behavior marks each day.  Though Abigail got in trouble yesterday for putting things in her mouth!  That is the bane of my existence with these two!  Aaron still puts his fingers in his mouth.  Ewww, stop.

 Abigail loves to go to the bus stop with Aaron each morning.  His bus comes at 7:20 and she leaves at 7:30.  I take her on Monday and Fridays and Jory takes her the other days.

 I can not believe how much Aaron's reading level jumped over the summer just from having lots of practice.  He's on a really advanced reading level for his grade and his teacher is doing a great job of encouraging his love of reading.  The class has library on Mondays, but Aaron has been allowed to go each morning during the week and get a new book.

 Aaron has a couple of friends he is talking about that live in our neighborhood so I am hoping to get them together soon.

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