Wednesday, September 2, 2015


On Saturday we got our basket from Bountiful Baskets and we had lemons so I made a pie.  Jory loves Lemon Meringue.
Aaron wanted to grill out, so we did for lunch.

Jory and I went to see War Room with our church (SO GOOD) and then had snack in downtown grapevine
Jory made chowder on Sunday with the hatch chilies that were in our basket
I snapped this picture because Aaron was honestly reading the paper in the car on Sunday.  Reading it to me, too




On Tuesday Aaron had his first piano lesson.  He is taking from an exceptional long-time teacher with quite the reputation in Southlake who also happens to be Katie Grace's Grandma and MeMe to Aaron (I told him she is Mrs. Roper during lessons).  He goes by himself and I hear it went well.  He has to practice every day. 



On Tuesday night he lost another tooth!  I was having a dinner here so one of my friends pulled it for him.  It was so loose that he was worried it would come out in his sleep.

I have been perfecting this and was finally pleased


More teeth pictures

And the Tooth Fairy came!







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