Sunday, November 1, 2015


 We had a fun Halloween Weekend.  The kids had a Storybook Parade at school.  Julie bought Aaron a Miami Dolphins book so he could wear his costume to school.  He LOVED it. 

Abigail wore one of her dress up costumes.  She was Elsa and took a frozen book.  She was most excited about her Elsa braid.  Her Tinkerbell costume was a little awkward for school so we went with this. 


She actually missed the parade because she had a pulmonologist appointment but her teacher said she could still wear her costume and she brought her book and she got to paint a pumpkin!
 She got an iPhone eraser at the doctor and she took this picture of it in the car on the way to school to send it to her Dad!

I had lunch with Aaron on Friday

Abigail put this ensemble on at home
 On Saturday we had dance and she wore a new shirt from Grandma and Grandpa with her tutu and tights and she needed her boots, of course!

Her Tinkerbell bun




 Ready to Trick or Treat on Saturday!


This girl had a blast!  She said "I love Trick or Treat.  It's my favorite."

 Dan Marino ready to go!







Quite the pair



 Out and about





We loved watching them knock on door and say Trick or Treat!

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