Monday, November 16, 2015

The last couple of weeks

At the beginning of November, the fire alarm went off at Aaron's school right before dismissal.  The children were evacuated and a fire truck came and fire fighters went in with hoses.  The district didn't get the word out right away, so I was waiting at the bus stop for 25 minutes before I got the news.  Aaron was a little nervous during the ordeal but he said he just prayed in his head!

 These are my Grandma Ruth's recipe Orange Muffins.  But I made them and then Katie went to the hospital and when Julie brought Jackson to me I gave her all of the muffins which ended up being the only food they had the first two days, so I guess it worked out.
 I made Jory a sweet potato cobbler for his birthday because it's his favorite
 Dinner out on Jory's birthday
 Buying Dragon Playoff tickets

 Sis playing with her friend at Aaron's golf lessons.  Yes, she dressed herself.  In this brand new dress Grandma Sheri sent that still had the tags on it for, you know, Christmas.  And cowboy boots.  And can I even tell you how many people told me how cute she looked???
 I went to the hospital Thursday.  Katie needed light purple toe nail polish (and Julie needed Starbucks).
 I surprised Jory and got to have lunch with him when I left the hospital!
 Aaron spend his Halloween money from Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sheri on a new book
 On Friday I took Jackson for his first Starbucks experience.  Total success.

 Pictures with Santa at our church's Christmas Market Saturday
 Awesome text from Julie after she returned home from SEVEN days at Dallas Children's with Katie!
 Abigail's choice for Sunday night church in the wind and rain
 And Mama's contribution

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