Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week in Review

 I took a lot of pictures of the back of Abigail's head this week since she was getting a hair cut

 Four inches came off and you can't even tell.  But the stylist talked me into layers to 'help with tangles' and now it's really hard to braid because of the different lengths so she'll probably get more cut off soon to even it out because we love a good braid.
We got this picture emailed to us from the Christmas Market last weekend.

 I ate lunch with Aaron on Thursday.  I eat with the kids once a week.  Aaron especially loves it. 
 We meet some friends at the park every Thursday after school
 Abigail wearing my coat.  It's a bit too small but she loves it so we will try to sneak in one more season

 Abigail's Thanksgiving Feast was so cute on Friday
 In her turkey hat and shirt. She looks armless here which just adds to this mess of a picture

 Fun lunch!


Group picture
 Aaron's Thanksgiving Lunch on Friday

 Getting Aaron from school after lunch
 Stamping Christmas Cards

 Sushi for lunch!

 Watching a horrible, awful, devastating game

 Cuddle time and workbook fun


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