Friday, March 25, 2016

Aaron's Birthday!

These are the pictures I have on my phone, I will download my camera ones soon!
 First pictures of the day.  He is seven!!!

 Well, I had lunch with Abigail on Aaron's birthday, too.
 Birthday lunch at school
 He got a Happy Birthday necklace


He had a little party in his classroom and then I was the Mystery Reader for his class and Abigail went with me!  That night Abigail stayed with Michelle and Jory and I took Aaron to a fancy birthday dinner at the top of Reunion Tower overlooking Dallas.  The restaurant revolves and you can see sooo much!  As it got dark I couldn't control the flash on my cameras and we kept getting closed eyes which Aaron thought was hilarious!

 Basically propping them open!

 This was a fun, fun evening!  With GREAT food.
 The day after his birthday he and Jory went to the Mavericks and he got this jersey!
 We had dinner that night with Dee and Papa at his favorite restaurant.
Grandad came over Sunday to give both of the kids birthday presents but I was walking out the door for a Women's Ministry meeting and didn't get any pictures!

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