Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Week

Lots of busy, lots of wonderful.  Aaron telling our pastor on Sunday that he's accepted Christ!
Lunch with Sis on Monday.  I also had lunch with Aaron that day and I know I took his picture???
Abigail with a necklace she made with beads Julie gave her for her birthday
Aaron 'voted' at school on Tuesday.  Their school voted the same as the State of Texas.

Dental Check up Tuesday.  All good and Abigail got a special prize for no longer sucking her fingers at night!
We also had Abigail's well check on Tuesday and I had a meeting in between so the kids came with me.  Abigail's appointment was great.  She's still tall and thin!  :)
What I got when I told her to go get dressed for golf on Wednesday...

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