Friday, March 25, 2016


So these are a bit out of order, but I am too lazy to mess with it.
We were in Ohio Wednesday through Saturday last week.  This was on Friday.  My mom got the kids new activity books and they spent a lot of time working on them. 

This was on Wednesday.  We got to the airport really early and found an empty terminal (Aaron wants you to know this was the Denver gate).  The kids colored and ate some pizza we had brought.

Getting on the plane.  Aaron led us everywhere! 
Abigail got this rolling backpack for her birthday from Uncle Doug and she Could NOT wait to use it (and show Uncle Doug).
Maps on the plane

Thursday we had lunch with Dad and Sheri and then went to see my cousin Cheryl.  Before we drove back to Barnesville, we stopped at one of our family's stores and got some snacks. 
In green for St. Patrick's Day
Friday we had a surprise birthday party for Peyton!  She turned 13 today!!


Aaron with Doug's cat, Coolio.  Coolio did not enjoy this, by the way
My favorite dog in the whole wide world who I just loved dearly.  She was almost 17 years old and Doug took her to the vet on Monday, so this was a time for the whole family to see her, love her and say goodbye.
This was Thursday night.  Doug and his kids came to Mom's and she had this cake for us



Back at Peyton's party
Abigail in Doug's basement.  The kids had a blast there!


Watching the snow flurries on our last day

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