Friday, March 25, 2016

I can't even

Having three weeks of pictures to go through is completely overwhelming me and this is only what's on my phone, not my camera.  And doesn't include the ones my mom took in Ohio.  She and Mike took the kids to a science museum one day.  She posted about it here.

But back to my mess of pictures.  Here are some...

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day that Aaron got baptized.  We are so blessed to have godly friends and Toby and his family are some of the most godly I know. 

 Abigail spending some Toys R Us money.  This is never, never a quick process.  Do not go in with her unless you are prepared for her to check out every single possible item before choosing one to purchase.


 Spirit night at CiCi's pizza!

Abigail's Open House.  Aaron's was the same night, but I didn't get any pictures at his.  It was a bit crazy.
 At church


A little Chuck E Cheese time over Spring Break


 School lunch.  I do this once a week with each of the kids

Ready for Easter!




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