Friday, October 31, 2008

Bedding and Random Pictures

This is the baby quilt that Jory bought me. I don't know how well you can really see it, but it has a lot of different materials - some more feminine and some more masculine. There's a dark brown patch with tan dots that I really like and a flannel one that is definitely boy-like. The back side of the quilt is soft and burgundy.

The next two pictures are of the main fabrics for the bedding. You really can't see these very well, but they are both burgundy and tan. Ann carried the quilt arond with her for a long time to pick out fabrics that would blend. Then there is a denim that will be used as an accent and white eyelet will also be an accent. The patterns Ann chose are really neat. I think the room is going to look fabulous, though I'm not sure I can give you a feel for my vision from these pictures.

Ann will also make curtains, and she found a bumper pad cheap that she's going to recover and she'll make a diaper bag. I am very excited about this room.

Ummm, this is Willie. He impressed me so the other night.

This was me right before my ultrasound last month. I just stumbled across this picture.


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

I love the bedding, and the quilt is awesome, too!! We didn't graduate from A&M, but my brother did, so we are aggies by heart. :) The combination of denim and burgundy will be really nice; I can't wait to see it all come together!

Katie said...

I love your quilt! I want one for Zach, so hopefully he'll get one for his birthday. Too cute!

Melissa and Sean said...

Such cute bedding. I cannot wait to see it all complete and put together in your nursery! Whoop!!!!