Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Weekend

Now that Little One has started kicking, Little One has started kicking A LOT. Especially when music is playing. I love it! We went to see Fireproof Saturday and the previews had loud music with a lot of bass - Little One went nuts. It was crazy. Then every time music came on during the movie, the kicks would start up. How fun!

We had a wonderful weekend! We were home all weekend which we haven't been in a while and won't be again in a while. We went to a movie(!) - the first movie we've been to in over two years. Fireproof was excellent and powerful and you already know this because we were amongst the last to see it.

We sat outside and enjoyed the amazing weather! We joined our church!!!!! We've been in Tyler for nine months and it took us a while to do the church circuit and find peace about where we are supposed to be, but we now have our church home! I am thrilled! Little One will be welcomed by a biological family and a church family and that is so important to me. Finally, we went to Jory's aunt's for dinner last night and got to catch up with his cousins. I always love being around family.

All is well here. Jory is itching to get the nursery started. We did figure out this weekend that a baby would be born in four months and it was a little concerning that we've done nothing to prepare the room. Ann has picked out our fabrics and I will get to see them Thursday! YAY! I am excited and Jory is ready to pick some paint and start making progress. Ann said she'd have the bedding, etc. made by the end of the year which is when we are getting our furniture, so we should be able to go into 2009 with a fairly complete room.


Harris Family said...

What a fun weekend! I went to see Fireproof with our Sunday School on Friday you are not the LAST to see it! I was flying solo because Flint was with the football team in Stillwater. Now, I have to drag him to see it!

The Williams' said...

Thank you!! I have been keeping up with you as well! I'm glad everything has been going smoothly for the both of us! It makes for such an enjoyable experience! I can't believe you aren't finding out what you are having...I would be a complete basket case! The "planner" instincts start coming out in me, and I just can't help it! I am so anxious to see what your little one happens to be! They do say that during a war, lots of boy babies are born. I suppose it is God's way of replenishing the men in the world...pretty neat I think! Talk to you soon!

Jenna said...

We just saw Fireproof on Friday so I'm with you on being one of the last to see it! It was so great!

Laura Ann said...

Yep, it is time to get started on that nursery. I can not wait to see the fabrics later on this week. I still have not seen Fireproof, just don't like to leave Miss Emma with anyone ~ I would rather have her right by my side when I am not working. You will see what that feels like soon.

Robyn Beele said...

Don't you just love when the baby kicks! I am beginning to panic over the baby room also. It just doesn't like much time is left. I have heard fireproof was a great movie!