Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our First Registry Gift

How fun is this?! Jory's mom, Kim, went on our Walmart Registry and bought the exersaucer! The exersaucer got added recently, by the way, because our good friend Hope informed us that we may die if we do not invest in one. Since that time, several people have agreed with that sentiment. So, the exersaucer was added and now it's been purchased! We are so blessed and so grateful!

We had also registered for a crib mattress, but Amber at my work brought me one yesterday! Amber also let me borrow two HUGE plastic tubs of maternity clothes - she brought them to me last week. They have been lifesavers! People are so generous!

I am definitely going to get bedding pictures taken and put on the blog no later than this weekend. I am really pleased with how the room is going to look! Now we can start shopping for pictures, etc. to decorate the room with!


Ann Goade said...

Just a hint about the exersaucer. While I'll agree that it is great and my babies loved jumping up at down in it, for some reason, you might as well call it a potty. Something about them being able to push with their legs made them poop quite often. If I didn't catch it soon enough, they would jump and jump and smush it all up their back which meant a bath & change of clothes. Just a warning!

Harris Family said...

Registries and gifts are so fun! We just started that this past weekend!