Friday, October 3, 2008

Boy or Girl???

Our sonogram is Monday! We don't plan to find out the sex of the baby, but it is on the minds of everyone now that we could find out. My dad informed me this week that I'm carrying a boy. I did not know this. Jory and I are very surprised by this. We have been convinced all along that Little One is a girl. Really, we will be surprised if Little One is a boy, but we'll be just thrilled regardless of the sex. It's funny when you don't find out the sex of your baby. So many people have advice for how to figure out what you are carrying. Several people have told me it's clearly a girl since I wasn't sick. Several people have told me it's clearly a boy since I wasn't sick. Several people have told me that it's clearly a girl since the heartbeat is high (the heartbeat is actually the same as Terri's boy's was and both of Amber's boys' were). I was told that it must be a boy because I couldn't wear my pants early on and that means I'm carrying low. I was told that it must be a girl because memory loss is worse with females. But, finally, the Chinese Lunar Calendar informed me that it's a girl, SO...I mean, that's got to be right, doesn't it?


Jenna said...

LOL! First, thanks for the help on my blog! Second, from my (limited) experience those old wives tales are no good! 1/2 of them (including the lunar calendar) said I was having a girl and the other half said boy! And, well, it's a boy! Have fun Monday!

Laura Ann said...

Good Morning ~ I tried to convince my husband to not find out on this one and he was like NO WAY, so we find out on the 16th. He said I would be working him to death wanting a nursery completed before I came home from the hospital and he is so RIGHT. I am thinking it is a girl ;o). The lunar calendar was so wrong on me...they say that if the heartbeat is high then it is a girl (above 140) and low is a boy. My Dr. says all of this stuff is a myth. How exciting that ya'll are waiting to find out. You know, it won't matter at all when you hold that sweet baby in your arms for the first time as long as it is healthy!

Harris Family said...

Oh YAY! We are not the only ones NOT finding out the sex of our baby! We can be partners in crime!!! This is not by my choice, but by my husband's! So, I am trying to wait and be patient for him!!! I can't wait to hear how you do is hard to think neutral.

The Garners said...

I hope everything goes well on Monday--it's such an exciting day!

Anonymous said...

I just read this. I wish we could have had that option. And as a grandparent, I'd selfishly like to know what section of clothes, etc. to be looking at. It mystifies me that you all(as in your generation) have technology on your side, yet a lot of you choose to do it the old-fashioned way!
But, hey, I support whatever decision is made!
Love---OH mom

Tamara said...

The lunar calendar worked for all the Pokeno ladies...could you be the first it backfires on?

I was sure mine was a boy b/c it felt so different from Faith, but the sonographer said "girl" at 12 weeks...and he was right!

judy said...

Funny thing about the heartbeat. Both my daughter and daughter in law are pregnant. Both babies heartbeats have been around 150, which led some to say a boy...some said girl.
WELL, both have around the same heart beats and ONE IS A BOY and ONE IS A GIRL! :) Go figure. lol
So much for hear beats/wives tales/strings/full moon/lunar calendars, etc....:)
It does make it kind of fun hearing everyone's observations of what 'he' or'she' will be.
Enjoy every minute.