Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Pictures

You can't see this very well, but it is a baby quilt that Ann made. It has nursery rhymes on it, which you can't read at all in this picture, but it's just adorable. The back of the quilt is white eyelet and I love it. In this picture, the quilt is laying on the brand new carpet that was just installed in Little One's room. YAY! That was the last thing to be done in the room. This is a present to Little One from Jory and I. It's a little tote with a book (The Tale of Peter Rabbit), a stuffed animal and a blanket. It also came with Cheryl & Co Cookies in a CUTE box, but those were for Mama and Daddy. I LOVE Cheryl & Co frosted cut outs and Jory just loves cookies. We'll keep the box for Little One, though. There's a note from us to the baby, too. It's the first real gift we bought our precious child!
Today Jory is outside planting flowers and I'm making and freezing meals for us to eat when Little One arrives. That was something I was wanting to get done but hadn't yet, so I'm glad to have the time this weekend.
As far as the Boy/Girl polling goes, Boy has taken a remarkable lead. This is really because of the Asian Woman, which is crazy, but so many people have jumped ship and believe Little One is a boy. There are a few diehards that thought Boy from the beginning, but not many. There are also some that switched at the end because of the way I'm carrying. In any case, the group voting girl is down to a few members that can't be swayed by Asian Mystics. And, of course, those that believe the Chinese Lunar Calendar over random Asian women in Tyler, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt. You're fortunate to have such a talented friend. And of course the English teacher mom likes the Peter Rabbit gift!
Love---Ohio mom