Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 Weeks and a Visitor

Today was Aaron's five week birthday. It was also a big day because Kathy came to visit him from Houston. Quite a drive just to see the prince! Doesn't she look so thrilled to hold him?Kathy is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I would have expected Aaron to share my delight regarding her visit. He did not. After a night that was not horrible, but not good, Aaron proceeded to be cranky most of the day. I do believe Kathy heard him scream more than she saw him smile. Did she even see him smile? I don't know. I swear he can be such a delightful child, just not on demand, apparently. See below picture of Aaron screaming at the woman who drove four hours just to hold him.

In any case, I LOVED having Kathy here AND she made us an awesome dinner and babysat a fussy boy so that we could go register such boy for daycare. I do hope she comes back some time! I also hope Aaron doesn't display this behavior every time we have special visitors, because we have a SUPER special visitor coming to see him Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Bet you're excited---I know they are! But I'll let you reveal their identities.
How come his legs and feet were bare? Not a criticism, just an observation. He seems to like to be clothed more than any baby I've been around.

Love--OH mom/g'ma