Friday, April 10, 2009

SUCH a Great Day!

This is my friend Leslie. I call her Saint Leslie. First of all, she drove from Fort Worth today to visit me! Oh, I have been craving visitors. I tell people to visit me. But, honestly, they think I'm napping or feeding or just trying to care for Aaron and that they would be in my way if they visited. So, they drop off food and duck out and I'm left craving a friendly adult conversation. Enter Saint Leslie.
Leslie stayed for eight hours today and we talked the whole time. Granted it was 100% about babies, but that's all I've got right now and she suffered through it with a smile on her face. She also helped me with the baby carrier so that we could get out and do stuff. Like shop and eat at a restaurant and go to a bakery. I had so much fun and I so enjoyed spending time with her.
THEN, she gave Jory and I a huge gift. She told us to leave. To go out for as long as we wanted to wherever we wanted! Oh my gosh! Jory asked if we could just go to the bedroom and take a nap, but in the end he and I went to a restaurant and we had an adult conversation and there were no baby interruptions! WOW. I LOVE being home with Aaron, but I love my husband, too, and we have missed our time. This was so nice.
I am not sure Leslie understands how happy we are right now. In fact, Aaron is having his evening meltdown that normally sends Jory into a state of frustration and me into a state of hovering and instead I am updating the blog and Jory is singing to Aaron. We are like entirely new people! What a wonderful day!
To top it off, we are making some progress on bottle feeding. Don't let the below picture fool you into thinking we've got him taking a bottle - we've got a ways to go, but there was obviously progress. I attribute it to Saint Leslie.

And here's the requisite sleeping picture for the day. Isn't he precious?

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