Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seven Weeks

Oh my! Time is flying and Aaron is changing so much every day. He really is a lot of fun right now and I will miss him so much when I'm not here all day. I went to work a half day last Friday and a half day Monday. I was amazed at how much I could miss him in just a few hours. AND, that was when Jory was keeping him. We'll see how I do when I drop him off at daycare Monday! Say a prayer for me!

Here's what Aaron is up to at seven weeks:
Smiling: He smiles A LOT now. He smiles on purpose and he also smiles when you smile at him. These are big smiles and his eyes smile, too. They are wonderful! I'm sure I'll never get them on camera, though. Here's what happens when I try.

Bathing: He loves his baths. I was actually dreading bathing him because being naked is not something he enjoys and sponge baths were painful for me. But he surprised me. He does that a lot. He loves to look in the mirror while he's being bathed and he seems to really enjoy the warm water being pored over him. He really doesn't like bath time to end, but he loves to be wrapped in a towel!

Learning: He is constantly working on a new task. After spending days figuring out how to hit the rings on his bouncy seat he went right to trying to grab them. Tummy Time Torture has also paid off because he can roll from his tummy to his back. Of course, he won't roll back to his tummy so you have to roll him for him to finish tummy time. I swear he COULD roll from his back to his tummy, but he won't. He rolls from his back up to his side and all he would have to do is flop over, but he won't. I believe it is because he does not care to be on his tummy, thank you very much.

When he is trying to learn something new he concentrates really hard and can focus on it for a very long time. He gets frustrated and will grunt and fuss while he's trying to master his new thing. But he does not want you to help him. That will really make him mad. I am already seeing an independence in him. I can't imagine where he would get that (HA!) and I'm not sure how to feel about it!

Playing: Aaron is so fun to play with now. He can interact with you and his awake time is a blast. He loves to sit up on me when I'm laying on the floor. He can hold his head up now and he just loves to look around. He will also play by himself for periods of time as long as someone is in the room with him. I don't know how he knows as soon as I've left the room, but he does and it does not please him.

Aaron loves, loves, loves to be outside. He also loves to go new places. He just takes in all the new sights and sounds. He is very easy to take out and that is nice. He doesn't like to go clothes shopping, though. I would tell you that story, but it's still too painful.

Changing: Aaron is doing a lot better with having his diaper changed and being dressed. He's still not a fan of being naked, but he'll tolerate it without screaming if you hurry. Obviously, he still pees occasionally when we are changing him. I am not sure why since most of my friends didn't have this issue to anywhere near the extent that we do. It's pretty funny, though. Especially when it happens to Jory because he runs out of the room hollering things like, "It's everywhere! It's everywhere!" Or, "He peed on the wall! He peed on the wall!"

As far as looks, he's getting a lot more hair in the back and he's lost most of the fuzz in the front. He is growing very quickly. He is SO long! People comment constantly on the size of his hands and feet. If he were a dog I'd be sure he was going to grow into a very large dog! He had a lot of dry skin - especially on his head - and that is mostly gone now.

He "talks" to himself a lot now and he can be awake in his crib and content himself with conversation until he falls asleep. That's a nice improvement on his nap times. The talking can be a little disconcerting when it wakes you in the night, though. It took me a while to realize that he wasn't awake, he was just babbling in his dreams!

I know he looks petrified in this picture, but this is just his Big Eye look. When he gets focused on something, his eyes get really wide and he will just stare at it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update--I've been checking, but know it's hard for you to get time. He has changed so much! Goodness! As for his independence, well, you KNOW I'M LAUGHING! Hmmm--the saying "What goes round, comes round!" comes to mind (I think I butchered the saying though).
Love--OH mom/gma

Robyn Beele said...

He is precious!! I can't believe he is rolling over!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much he has changed. I still think he is so sweet and can't wait to meet him over the holidays. Can't wait to see more!