Friday, April 3, 2009

Look what Aaron found!

It's himself in the mirror! I've been putting him here each morning while I get ready and today he finally noticed the baby staring back at him!

Here is he examining that baby.

Here he is on a hooded blanket his Great Grandma Sandy made for him. It's a really light color and so nice. He loves it.

BUT, he doesn't love having his picture taken! Do you have any idea how many shots I have to take to get a few to post on here?

Today he was working really hard at rolling over. Here he is attempting it.

I get to see this every morning! How blessed am I?


Flo said...

His little eyes are SO cute! I know you are just loving this time. Doesn't it go by fast? I remember with my first, when she was just a week old I was SO sad.....but believe me, each month gets better and better! I kept saying, "No, THIS is my favorite stage"!

Jennifer said...

That is always so fun when they find themseleves in the mirror! He is just precious!!

How are you feeling?