Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Three Weeks Old

I am sure there is a time when I am supposed to stop celebrating Aaron's birthday each week, but I'm not ready yet. And as long as he keeps getting weekly birthday cards from his grandparents, I feel like it's alright. Right? Here are some pictures from today.

I have to give a huge thank you to Erica, the NICU nurse who visited my blog and advised that Tummy Time could be done on an exercise ball. Who knew? Aaron LOVED it! And he did exactly what he was supposed to do - he pushed up SO well. And there was NO fussing - until I took him off the ball. He yelled at me for ENDING Tummy Time! Oh, I was so happy. And you could just see how much he was enjoying it. I couldn't get pictures, but we'll do it with Daddy here so that he can snap some.

Look at this! A real live Jack in the Box! Our friends Adam and Stacy sent it to Aaron, but Jory and I have been loving it! I hope Aaron likes it as much as we do!

Aaron has been doing great with muscle control. When he is sitting on my lap, he can hold his head up on his own. I can't believe how quickly he is changing and developing. He is holding things more and more and having more expressions every day. This is such a fun time!

Happy April - we're looking forward to a wonderful month with our precious boy!


Spicy Magnolia said...

What a great idea for tummy time!!! I'll have to try that out. Loving all the pics!

Erica said...

So glad to hear that Aaron likes the ball! It usually works like a charm.

Harris Family said...

how cute is he?!?! i love all the pics you recently added...i am so behind on reading. i am sure you can probably relate!

Anonymous said...

I can see his muscle control. He was good with it from the beginning--more like a month old, but I can see how much stonger he is. Glad tummy time worked out! I just love having the updated pictures of him!! Thank you!
Love---Ohio mom/grandma