Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clothes, Hats and New Things

Aaron has a lot of hats. A lot. They have all been given to him and they are all different sizes. In preparation for the 4th of July, we wanted to pack a couple of hats for his weekend by the pool! We had no idea which fit him, so we tried on all of them. A lot of them were too big.

In fact, only two fit him. I am not making this up. Jory was there. As luck would have it, look which two hats fit that head of his...


Greatness, isn't it? Can't you see how thrilled he is? A true Buckeye, folks!

Now look at this picture. Can you see all those clothes that are folded waiting to be put away? Let me tell you about Aaron's clothes. He started his new daycare four weeks ago. That's 20 days that he has been there. On at least half of those days he's worn two outfits because they have had to change him into a backup outfit that I packed in his bag. On two of those days, he wore THREE outfits. That's AT LEAST 32 outfits in the past month. Uh huh. Can I tell you that for the first time on Friday, he wore an outfit that he had already worn to daycare??? Oh my gosh, does he have some clothes. And they are all so cute. He is the King of Fashion. And we are just as spoiled as he is because we haven't bought any of them! How blessed we are! And speaking of clothes, in these pictures he's wearing an outfit of mine. Flashback to the 70s!

It is amazing to me how quickly he is growing and changing. Just like the Bumbo that we had to try for several weeks before he fell in love with it, I find that each week he likes things that he hated just days before. And each week he can do things he couldn't do before. And each week he's bored with something that was so recently new and exciting.

See, he is laying under his Activity Gym. We bought this at least two months ago. And he has HATED it. Screamed if you laid him under it. He would lay on a plain blanket as content as could be, but this? No way. Today, he had a ball with it.

And here is some Tummy Time that doesn't involve screaming! What's up with that? And he was in his Jumper today just bouncing away. All on his own! When did he learn to do that???

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Anonymous said...

I love the one where the tan hat is so big you can't see his face! It's funny! The little guy is really a good sport considering all the modeling he has to do.
As usual, I'm thrilled with the pictures and updates. But I can't let people think I put you in a boy's outfit -- it was your brother's.
Love---OH mom/gma