Sunday, June 14, 2009


My friend Ann came to see Aaron Tuesday! I have been anxiously awaiting her visit. This is actually the first time she saw Aaron. Had he not waited so long to make his debut, she would have seen him then. As it turned out, she was on her way to Disney World when Aaron was born and then with the end of the school year it has just been too crazy for her to get away. So, she made it this week and it was wonderful! I've missed her and Aaron loved her. He let her hold him all day and was very content with his new friend.Saturday Papa John and Kimmie made a visit. They hadn't see Aaron for a month and John point out that they'd missed 1/3 of his life! He sure had grown and changed since the last time they saw him! They got to see him in the Jumperoo trying to make it bounce all by himself. What a big boy!Here's another Bumbo picture. He loves the Bumbo. It is making him pretty uninterested in his Bouncy, though!

Now this is not a very good picture because Mr. Aaron would not cooperate today, but this is an outfit that Kim's friend Vickie smocked for Aaron. He wore it to church today and just looked so cute!

We just can't say enough how blessed we are with Aaron. He is such a happy, fun, contented baby. We are just enjoying him like you would not believe.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE seeing all of Aaron's cuteness in pictures! And I especially love hearing how much you and Jory are enjoying your little boy.

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing! I love seeing all his outfits and baby "equipment!"
Love--OH mom/gma