Monday, June 8, 2009

Look at me!

Two posts in one week - can you believe it? I just wanted to share how great Aaron is doing. He is really loving his daycare. Today was the start of his second week there. When Jory took him this morning, he lit up as soon as he saw his morning caregiver, Donna. Jory said he gave her a Huge smile and went right to her. He said he was just as content with her holding him as if Jory or I were doing the holding. That's not something we find with most people. Here are my Men in Black after church on Sunday.

This is him in a Jumperoo Sunday. A co-worker of mine lent it to us before Aaron was born. We figured he would be much older before we put him in it, but since he is enjoying the Bumbo and the exersaucer I thought we should try it. Loved it! He couldn't make it jump on his own yet, so Mama had to do that, but he LOVED the bouncing. We probably won't use it much until he can push off and make it jump on his own, but it is nice to know he's a fan.

He is still loving the Bumbo. He's figured out that he can move his upper body while he's sitting in it without falling. So he does a lot of 'dancing' while he's in it and he gets so tickled with himself. It is just adorable. He provides so much joy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he's loving his new day care. Lucky them!
It's exciting to hear what he's into next!
Love--OH mom/gma