Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aaron's First Birthday Present

While Papa Tom and Grandma Sheri were in town they bought Aaron his birthday present...a huge truck he can ride on and put rocks in! It also makes noises and I can't describe how much he loves it! When it's too cool to go outside he brings it in and plays with it in the house. But he LOVES to be outside with it. He has a shovel and he digs up dirt and rocks to fill the truck bed. Definitely a winner! As a side note, Aaron can actually say Papa Tom and Grandma Yari. (Close enough, right?) I really didn't think he could say Grandma since he chooses to call Grandad 'Dawl', but he can say it quite well and he periodically brings them up and tells me about things they did together last week.

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Rebekah said...

Let the celebrating begin!!! I can't believe our babies are about to be two! Tear!