Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed In

If you are reading this in Ohio, we are not 'Snowed In' the way you think of it - the snow is not actually covering homes and cars. In fact, there is not enough snow to cover the grass. We did, however, get freezing rain last night and there is probably an inch of ice on the roads. Everything is closed or canceled. This includes my doctor appointment and Aaron's hair appointment (which has been on the calendar for two weeks and which I almost cried about. I swear if I go into labor before that mop gets cut I'll lose it, but my husband swears he will get the boy's haircut - minor emotional breakdown over here). The temperature is 18 degrees and falling. The wind is HOWLING and the wind chill is supposed to drop below zero today. I don't think we are set to rise to freezing until this weekend, so we are in for a while. And since I missed my doctor appointment, Aaron chose to wear his 'Big Brother' shirt today, my husband chose to go to work and the ice on the roads would slow down any babysitter, I'm pretty sure I'll be in labor by noon. HA! This is the coldest it's been, by far, in the decade-plus that I've lived in Texas and it was 75 degrees just two days ago! Anyway, seeing as we may not be doing anything for quite a while, here is what we've been doing the last few days.

Saturday January 29, 2011

Jory and I had a fabulous weekend! We spent it at the Omni Fort Worth - where the Steelers are staying right now! It was wonderful. Jory has wanted to stay there since it was built and we finally did it. It completely lived up to our expectations. We also had an amazing dinner out, went to a concert, had a wonderful breakfast and checked out some fun sights. It was relaxing and perfect. Our pre-Abby Babymoon!

Sunday January 30, 2011

We arrived home to find that Aaron hadn't even noticed we were gone - HA! He had a great weekend, too! We took him to dinner, though - his pre-Abby Babymoon! He was wonderful at the restaurant and we really enjoyed the family time.

Monday January 31, 2011
Aaron and I met Ann for lunch. We wanted to get together one more time before Abby arrives and we sure were glad that we picked yesterday!

Tuesday February 1, 2011
Aaron watching the snow. It'll be a Mama and Aaron week inside. Jory left us with a beautiful fire today and we are enjoying it very much.

Have a blessed week!


B. Meandering said...

The bottom picture is precious!

We were supposed to get the terrible storm, but instead it went around us. Our temp is climbing into the mid-thirties and supposed to be 40 tomorrow.

I personally could use being snowed in, but then I'm not expecting a baby! :)

Hang in there, darlin'--God's looking out for you all.

Spicy Magnolia said...

I'm so glad you got away for a trip before Abby comes, and I can't believe how soon she'll be here!! We're super cold here, too and Brennan is sick, so all the more reason to spend the day at home. And I also need to get Brennan's mop cut off. :)