Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Week

Friday February 4, 2011

Jory got home from work early and decided to take Aaron and I out. The roads were better and they were fine in his truck. I needed to go to the Post Office - I had packages that had been ready to ship since Monday night - and Aaron needed to go to his grandparents (he had been saying Mimi and Dawl, Mimi and Dawl, Mimi and Dawl for days and I was just a tad bit ready for him to see them. HA!). We put Aaron in his PJs for his naps and when he woke up we decided to just leave him in them to go to his grandparents - they were probably the warmest things he owns! Saturday February 5, 2011

Jory made a fire and Aaron pulled his rocking chair over to it and read by the fire! It was awfully cute. He and Jory spent the morning running around. The roads were improved and Jory had several errands he wanted to run. While they were out they both got haircuts - YAY! Jory took Aaron some place he hadn't been but they did a great job and Aaron was fantastic.
Sunday February 6, 2011
Except for church, we didn't get out this day and while Jory was watching the Super Bowl pregame commentary Aaron was working hard on building with his magnetic shapes. He got these for Christmas from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom. We don't understand them at all, but he loves them and is very proud of his work with them!

Monday February 7, 2011
Aaron and I got out and went to the store. It was the first time I had driven my car in a week and it was a good thing since we were about to get another icing! Aaron unloaded the groceries and arranged them in the window for me! He was SO proud and wanted to take a picture.

On Tuesday we finished up some errands for Aaron's birthday party. I would have sworn I took pictures, but I guess I didn't.
Wednesday February 10, 2011
This morning the roads were iced and Jory worked from home. That's super nice because when he gets done at 5:30 he's already home and not an hour away from home! So, we took the opportunity to go to dinner. Jory wants to have BBQ for lunch at Aaron's birthday party to keep with the Western theme so we went to try the meats and sides at a place near our house and make our selections for the party. Aaron was a big help with that!

Today we got a few groceries to stock up for next week and tomorrow we have our last play date planned before we spend the weekend resting up for Abby's arrival. I can't wait to meet her and I really can't wait for Aaron to meet her. Dad and Sheri will be coming in Monday afternoon and staying with Aaron at the house while Jory and I are in the hospital. We are thankful for that and I just know Aaron is going to have a blast next week - he may not even notice we're gone!
Have a wonderful weekend and I'll post BABY pictures next week!

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