Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Abby

I have been rather nervous about having a girl. A boy has been so easy and I am so used to it (and there are no tutus involved). I have been wary about how I would handle the differences a girl would bring. But one thing I was confident of...I would not get peed on the way I did with Aaron...sweet! Except that in 11 days I was peed on 7 times. I honestly believe that is more than Aaron has peed on me in almost 2 years! (Though Abby has yet to hit a toothbrush or a cup of coffee!)
But Abby is a sweet, sweet girl. She has been such a beautiful blessing to our home and we love her so much. She is very different from Aaron...already. I was told that she would be, but it was hard for me to imagine. But right away, she was different in so many ways. Sleeps different, eats different, cries different, like different things. Beautiful girl, beautiful differences.

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B. Meandering said...

Beautiful, sweet child. Wish I could hold her.