Saturday, February 14, 2015

Massive Download

I just downloaded all of the pictures from my phone. This is what was on there.
We went to the Disney Store last week and the kids were convinced they needed these store front display items for their birthdays.  They had me take pictures so I would remember.


These are the plates I found for Abigail's friend party.  There is actually some purple in them.  I went with plain purple napkins.
We got her this shirt at Walmart.  She can't wear a dress since it's a gymnastics party and finding purple Minnie was pretty hard. 
When I had lunch with Abigail last week, her friend Gage insisted that I take his picture.
Some of the Valentine's Boxes from Aaron's class


Julie and I have been asked to do another Vendor Fair and we are working on Volume Two!
I don't know how long this has been on my phone.  I copied it because it makes me laugh.
Invoices I got this week to enter
Tyler Perry's nursery that I just thought was beautiful so I saved a picture of it.



Abigail brought a chair downstairs and asked me to take her picture on it

Abigail's picture taking while I was on the phone with my mom

Ready for Valentine's Party Day at school!



Minnie Mouse snacks for Abigail's friend party.




Starbucks Date with the Littles on Friday.  Abigail was sitting with her legs crossed


Our Valentine's Dinner Friday night
Abigail's Valentine's Treats.  The lollipop is purple
Valentine's morning



Building with the Lego candy

Wearing a swimsuit over her underwear and asking if we can go swimming today

The car wash




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