Sunday, February 22, 2015

The last few days

On Thursday, Abigail had a field trip to a Stephen Fite concert in Flower Mound.  She had a great time and her teacher said she really participated.  It was at a church where one of my friend's sons goes to preschool and she texted me that Abigail looked so cute.
That morning my friend Lindsey visited with her two year old twins and we had a sweet visit
Right after that, Katie Grace went to the Emergency Room and I picked Jackson up from school. 
This was when we were waiting for Aaron's bus to get home

Katie was admitted to the hospital for a few days and Jackson doesn't have school on Friday so he and I hung out.  I had some things to return to the Disney Store at Grapevine Mills and I popped into Gymboree and bought this for Abigail.


She had a fantastic week so she earned ice cream and an early pick up on Friday.

 That worked out okay for Jackson, too
 Then he settled into Abigail's bed for a good long nap
On Saturday after breakfast Jory went to work a bit and the kids and I ran around.  After naps, we went to visit him at his office


We went to dinner at an Asian restaurant we have been wanting to try and this amazing bird cage was by our table

Aaron loves Asian food.




Chopstick eating


Before church on Sunday
 Working on writing her letters while she waited for us to get ready
It was not raining, but the forecast had said it might and you always want to be prepared

We are prepared for school to be cancelled tomorrow.  It's a waiting game and we probably won't know until tomorrow, but the sleet has started.  It's cold, for sure.


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