Saturday, February 7, 2015


Jory was gone today for The Syndicate. 
The kids started the morning by finishing their Valentine's boxes. 


I obviously helped Abigail a little bit (putting on her tissue paper, writing her name and tracing the heart), but she decorated it by herself.  In case there is any question, Aaron received no help with his box.

Signing their Valentines
How cute are these?!

A friend from church made them

We went to run errands.  She wore cowboy boots in honor of the Syndicate

Aaron wanted to eat at Subway.  He got a veggie with lots of black olives, of course.



Abigail got turkey with lots of pickles, of course


Aaron did a great job of ordering by himself.  He also dressed himself.  This T-Shirt from Jogging for Johnson is his favorite.


I don't know

Aaron giving me a sweet picture because Abigail wouldn't
Pictures from the Syndicate


When Jory sent a picture of their steer I said, "Oh.  Daddy got a cow."  Immediately Aaron said, "He killed one?!?".  Because during hunting season it's all 'Daddy got a...Uncle Toby got a...  But, seriously?! "NO, he didn't kill it, he BOUGHT it."  "He bought us a cow?"  Big Sigh.

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