Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Week

What a crazy week we've had! The kids only went to school one full day this week - Thursday.  They went two hours on Wednesday and three hours on Friday.

Monday was a full on ice day and we couldn't have gotten out if we'd had to, but everything was cancelled Sunday night in some preemptive thing that made me laugh.
Tuesday was fine by afternoon, but in the morning Jory couldn't get out.  We made S'mores on Monday with girlscout cookies and marshmallows that Mrs. Hollingsworth gave us.
Abgail dressed up a lot
Wednesday was a delay start.  The roads were fine that day, but it was raining and below freezing so they were being cautious.  Jory made it to work on time without issue.


Abigail in one of her summer dresses.  We also did a lot of legos.


On Wednesday afternoon Abigail spent her Target gift card that Uncle Doug sent her.  She picked out a Minnie Mouse shopping cart with Minnie Mouse food.  She LOVES it so much.  She loves all things Minnie.

This was Wednesday morning.  I laugh.
I was really afraid we would early dismiss today and I didn't really want to deal with it, but we sent the kids to school today anyway and wow, oh wow, did we deal with it.  We have got lots of snow and ice with it still coming down.  The roads are awful and the traffic is horrendous.  It took me an hour to get to Abigail's school and back. 
The three of us are safely home now and just waiting on Daddy. 

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