Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Fun Week!

 Last Tuesday was Rockenbaugh (Abigail's school) night at the Senior High School Baseball Game. The kids got in free and got free popcorn.  It was so much fun and a perfect night for it!


 I saved this post from a blog because it makes me laugh every time I see it.

 Jackson was here on Friday.


 Abigail had so much fun playing with him.  She bought a doctor doll set with a gift card from Uncle Eric for her birthday and she LOVES it.
 Jackson fell off a truck into the rocks and I took a picture before I helped him.


On Saturday we saw Frozen on Ice at American Airlines Arena!

The kids had no idea where we were going but Abigail was thrilled to be wearing her Elsa dress!

Afterwards we had a lovely outdoor dinner at Celebration in Dallas.
Earlier on Saturday we had a Sunday School Supper Club lunch at Palio's Pizza.
 The kids have a question book that we do every day.  This made me laugh.


Walking into Frozen







Dinner after Frozen

 On Sunday Jory took the kids to Bob Jones Park while I had a meeting at church


 They had a great time riding their bikes!

We subbed in Worship Care that morning.
 I saw this on FB and died.  I sent it to Julie and she died with me.  It's a decent point.

 Aaron had a check up at the Pulmonologist on Monday.  Here he is getting all of his vitals

He's breathing with almost all of his lung capacity now!  Such a big change after six years!
 I don't know.  I just don't know.

Oh!  Tuesday was $1.31 Day at Baskin Robbins!  Abigail loves pecan prailine and things like that.  I think it's funny.


Just breakfast at the Allen Home





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