Saturday, April 11, 2015

Phone Pictures

I haven't been taking many pictures on my phone, so the ones I have taken have been on there a while.  I took a few yesterday, so I thought I should download.

This one was one Facebook.  It was when Aaron got his t-shirt and other prizes for Jump Rope for Heart.  He was SO proud!
 Aaron worked so hard to set the table for Easter dinner.  He knew all the names and placements.  It took him a long time and he was very proud.

I babysat three babies a week ago.  It was so fun.
 This is so fantastic.


Aaron and Abigail earned their Friday ice cream treat yesterday.
 I was having a hard time preparing my Sunday School lesson yesterday (Hello, Hosea!) and Janice brought me this to help!


I saved this picture because I think this would be such a fun cake for a December birthday.  The Cakery would do so great with this.

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