Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phone Pictures

I don't take a ton of pictures with my phone so I hardly ever come download them and then one day I have 41 pictures, including on my daughter put on for me.

At Abigail's Pulmonologist check up she discovered Highlights

A Starbucks date


And this, right here.  Awesome.
Lunch with Aaron at school
About to see Disney Nature's Monkey Kingdom at a dine-in theatre

Learning 'hockey'
I was getting ready to take an anniversary video for their grandparents and accidentally took a picture.





Our oreo anniversary cake...SO good. 




Friday Ice Cream Reward


On our table at our Anniversary dinner
In our room on our Anniversary trip

Our Sunday School Supper Club at Cotton Patch on our actual Anniversary
I finally got pictures of Aaron's birthday cookies!


Good news regarding the 10 year old Camry

Yeah, this is probably inappropriate but I laughed out loud.
Getting ready to lead the next Women's Bible Study
Making pies as part of our church's Women's Ministry.  They are for the staff wives.

Back at the Pulmonologist
A throw back to when Aaron met the Dragon

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Beth said...

LOL on the locked door conversation!