Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Fun

Only some of my pictures uploaded and the order is weird, but our church had it's annual Easter Egg Hunt last night.  For the second year in a row, we had friends over to decorate eggs and cookies before the hunt.


 Oh, and the girl who makes all of our birthday cookies opened a bakery!

My kids were so proud of the cookies they decorated.



Abigail climbed the rock wall at the park before the hunt all by herself.  She was very pleased with herself.


Pre hunt.  Abigail was a mess because they had a hotdog dinner and she's a big mustard fan.
 The hunt was fierce


 But so much fun

 And true, people.  True.
 I am leading Ladies Bible Study again and spent the week reading new books.
 Everything ready to dye eggs and decorate cookies.
 I also made the rolls for Easter dinner.  Jory's grandma gave us Paula Deen's Celebrate cookbook when we got married and we are preparing the Easter Menu.  The butterhorns were by far the easiest yeast rolls I have ever made.  And they taste lighter than most yeast rolls.  Highly recommend if you get frustrated with yeast dough.  This dough was easy to roll out and work with.
 Dyed eggs a decorated cookies

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