Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Birthday!

What a wonderful day of celebrating I had Sunday!  Sheri actually brought this cake on Saturday from my favorite bakery (on the plane, yes) and we enjoyed it Saturday night after a fabulous dinner Jory grilled for us (which was my birthday request).

On Sunday morning the kids got right to work with their new presents they had received from Christmas with the Grandparents the night before.  Aaron is digging for dinosaur bones!

Abigail with new dolls and new boots

She took her dolls (and wore her boots) to church.  I am calling this a Dressing for December dress because it's velvet and that counts.  And it was mine and it makes me happy when she wears it.

Lunch after church at the Cotton Patch.  Church was a fun time with lots of love and gifts from my church family.
We had adult hang out time while the kids rested and then drove around for a while.  Then Ms. Michelle came so that the four of us could go out for a birthday dinner which was really a surprise dinner party with my favorite people. 
 My Village

 It was such a fun, fun night!!!!

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