Wednesday, December 2, 2015

This Week so Far

Yesterday I had lunch with Aaron at school
 His finished Gingerbread House went to the library (where I've started volunteering).  And last night Jory and I had a lovely steak dinner with my mom and Mike, but there are no pictures of that.
 Aaron got some 'new' clothes from Dillon this week!
 Abigail couldn't dress for December today (though we will fix that before golf this afternoon), because she had a field trip and had to wear a special shirt.  She did get to wear her shiny purple shoes, though.  She's going to a Stephen Fite concert.  They did this last year and she LOVED it.  It's also tame.  Last year they had a field trip to a trampoline park and her emergency contact and I had our phones glued to us all day!

It's a wonderful week!

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