Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All Things Baby

As promised, today's post gets back to the truly important things in life - Me and the Allen Baby! :) As far as ME, I am fourteen weeks pregnant. I gained seven pounds in my first trimester. One book I am reading says that is the exact number of pounds I should have gained. The other book says that is almost twice what I should have gained. I am pretty freaked out over the weight gain. Since I know many people who lost weight their first trimester and still had no problem gaining the total amount necessary throughout pregnancy, I am in fear that I am heading towards a dangerously heavy pregnancy. Logically, it is clear that all of the weight is in my stomach and I am not eating cartons of Ben & Jerry's, so I really don't know what I could do differently. (Except I have slacked off on exercising a little bit and I probably do need to pick that up.) But illogically I am pretty distraught over the weight. We have a doctor's appointment Thursday, though, so I guess she'll let me know if I need to change something.

Also on ME, I am the proud owner of new clothes! We bought a pair of black pants (larger than what I would normally wear) and a pair of black maternity pants. A woman at work also brought me 5 really nice long skirts Friday. They are Maternity and have a drawstring inside so that they can be worn from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy and everywhere in between! I wore one to church Sunday and felt like I looked nice for the first time in a few weeks. It is good to be comfortable in my clothes again.

Moving to Baby Allen, Little One's room is coming along. We have removed everything that doesn't belong to Little One. We are keeping the yellow walls and we will be doing a lot of tan accessories. My friend Ann (who is amazing) will make the bedding and curtains. I don't think material has been picked yet, but it will likely be maroon and tan. We have a gorgeous baby quilt that has several maroon patterns and she may try to match one of those. We received a beautiful tan blanket and we have already hung up a burgundy and tan wall hanging we received as a gift. We have not decided on furniture yet and we probably need to delve into what we are going to do there pretty soon.

Nothing else right now. We are anxious to hear Little One's heartbeat again Thursday and will let you know of any news from the appointment.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you both!!! Tell Roberto I said hello! The baby fog is thing was funny. I get this all the time and I'm not preggers and never have been. I call that my Clairol moments and I have a lot of them :) Holly Fish