Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here are some pictures of me and of our 'stuff'! Things are still going very well. I am still eating more fruit than any of you can possibly imagine. A woman at work gave me 20(!!!) very nice skirts to borrow. I will be able to use them throughout my pregnancy (I'm wearing one today and I love it). All I need to do is get some solid color maternity shirts and sweaters to wear with them and I should be set for many months. YAY! People have been so generous and helpful. And they've even restrained from laughing at me when I prove time and again that I am a baby idiot.
This is me at 16 1/2 weeks.

You can't tell how pretty this is, but this is a blanket (my dad and) Sheri bought for us and it is the softest thing! It is wonderful!

This is a blanket that Jory's GREAT-GRANDMA made for him when he was a baby!

This is a blanket that John and Kim's next door neighbor made for us! We don't even know her! She just brought it to Kim one day and said she knew we were Aggies, so she made us a blanket! How sweet is that? It is so soft.

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Anonymous said...

When you come up at Christmas, you'll be getting the pink, blue, and white blanket crocheted for you by your Grandma Shirley.
And honey, I still say that there are many of us who wish our stomachs looked like yours! But for you it definitely is a baby bulge.
love--Ohio mom