Saturday, September 6, 2008

Interesting Facts

1. I burned myself last Saturday. This is neither interesting nor incredibly surprising in and of itself, I understand. But, here's the thing. I touched a rung of the oven with the back of my hand for a fraction of a second. It was so quick I didn't think anything of it. I ran water over it because that's what you do, but I was certain it would not leave a mark. Seven days later, there is still a very definite mark. However, it's nothing compared to the disgusting mark that was there a few days ago. People noticed my hand and asked me what on earth I had done to it. The reality of what I had done was a pretty big let down. When we saw the doctor Thursday, I asked her if it was about to get infected and harm Little One (it did not look good, folks). She said to keep Neosporin on it and call her if it started showing a few signs of infection she gave me. But - here's what I found interesting - she said it did not surprise her that it would look like this after so many days and be working so hard to heal. She said that when you are pregnant, your immune system is working so hard that it just doesn't have much left over and everything takes longer to heal. I did not know that.

2. My ears have felt very full. They don't hurt like I have an ear infection, but there is a lot of pressure and it's uncomfortable and somewhat annoying. My doctor explained that this was also a sign of pregnancy - I did not know this. She said that I could expect my head, ears, nose, glands, etc. to feel full and swollen for quite a while, so I should get used to it. She gave me a reason for this, but I forget it. Jory probably remembers. I was focused on the fact that I would feel like I'm on an airplane for the next several months.

3. Speaking of airplanes, I was looking at plane tickets for Christmas in Ohio two weeks ago. Then someone mentioned that I would need to get permission from my doctor to fly since I would be 30 weeks pregnant. So, I didn't order the tickets. I got online today - permission firmly in hand - to find that flights have gone up $100 a person. And, we are only getting one-way tickets!

4. I am wearing a maternity shirt for the first time today. I have resisted this. I shouldn't have! I am loving how comfortable I am right now. And it's a normal looking shirt. Jory said I looked cute.

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Anonymous said...

It didn't surprise me about the immunity thing---I figured that the burn not healing quickly had to do with you being pregnant. I don't recall being told about the ear, etc. fullness, but I was too nauseous the first 6 months of carrying you and all 9 months of carrying Doug to notice much of anything else. I'd seriously take the fullness stuff.
Okay, understand that you are going to irritate a lot of women because you are going to be one who will not gain weight all over and look like a beached whale and who will also lose the weight almost immediately. Most women would be thrilled to have your pregnant look on a regular basis! So get ready!
You look good. Great news about the baby amd your health!
Love---OH mom