Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little One Makes Us Lucky

Every since I got pregnant, Jory has won every raffle he has had the opportunity to be entered in. So far, this has amounted to tickets to a concert we couldn't attend, a cheap pen and some fly fishing lures. But yesterday we hit the jackpot! I was invited to a Girl Scouts Luncheon because one of the partners at my firm was being honored. By virtue of that, I got a free ticket and was seated at the head table. In return for the generosity, I kicked in $25 to purchase three raffle tickets. 500 tickets were to be sold and there was only one prize, clearly one destined for me! I won four plane tickets on American, good for anyone to use to anywhere. I also won four VIP Seating Passes to a taping of the Dr. Phil show.

Now, two of the plane tickets are being booked today. The other two will likely get us to Colorado next summer. But, the Dr. Phil tickets??? Probably not going to be used. So, if any of you can get yourselves to Los Angeles between now and March (or in August or September of 2009), you are welcome to these.


Leslie said...

Toby LOVES Dr. Phil. I'll see if he wants them.

Totally kidding. That's awesome, though! I wish I had some of that luck!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil, spare or fair? That ole feller seems to have all the answers.

Ben and Casey said...

Tickets to Colorado -Great Idea!!!