Thursday, September 4, 2008

Doctor Appointment

We love to hear that heartbeat! It is amazing! We had an appointment this morning and heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time in a month. It just blows us away! Little One has a strong, fast heartbeat and all appears to be well.

My doctor came in and said first thing, "You weight gain is great!" That took one stress off of me. My blood pressure and everything else are good, as well. Jory will have to tell you what my blood pressure is, but it's low. I have low blood pressure anyway and that may come in handy during the pregnancy.

Our next appointment is Oct 6 and we will have a full sonogram - that will be exciting! We will get a CD of images then and we can post them on here.

Everything is great here. I feel good and we are getting more excited by the day. Jory was on the phone with Adam last night (Adam and Jory have been friends for about 30 years and Adam's wife will have their second baby in December). I heard bits and pieces of their conversation and it was all about baby. It was fun to hear the excitement in Jory's voice as they discussed the upcoming births.

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