Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our first shot at video!

This is a link to one of three videos clips we uploaded to YouTube. This is really just a trial run on shooting and incorporating video into the blog, but for those of you who want to watch it, go for it! The video is of Aaron eating his cereal on Halloween evening at Grandad and Mimi's. The clip is sort of long, and the last minute or so is better in terms of Aaron's facial expressions while he eats. You can turn down the audio unless you want to hear the conversation about Sara feeding Aaron on the floor and other highchairs.

Let us know if this works and if you like it- especially you Ohio grandparents!


Anonymous said...

We love the video!!! Good Job!!!Aaron is the star of the movie and gave an Oscar winning performance. (Papa John said he could be in the movies, he is so cute.) Send more, we love you all. KIMMIE

PS. The bib is cute with the Astronaut outfit!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! What a cutie and so alert now! It's wonderful to be able to see a "moving" pix of him finally. Good Job. Keep em comin!
Grandma Sheri, Ohio