Monday, November 30, 2009

Day Three

I should really be dealt with regarding how few pictures I took over Thanksgiving week. It was Aaron's first time in Ohio and I did not memorialize it well AT ALL. There are absolutely no pictures of Grandpa Tom, Grandma Beth, Grandpa Mike, Aunt Mindy or several others. Can I have a Do Over?

On Wednesday Aaron met his Great-Grandparents for the first time. They LOVED him. It was so fun to watch them with him and he was very good at their house. You will see, however, that I did not take hardly any pictures to show how much fun was had. The picture above is Grandma Ruth pulling a train that Aaron had a ball with.

These pictures are of Aaron trying to get his hands on my Grandfather's Bible. Papa Bill asked me if he could have it. I said, "Sure. As long as you don't mind him tearing out the pages." Papa Bill hid the Bible.

The rest of these pictures are of Aaron at dinner Wednesday night with Dad and Sheri. We went to Ted's. Well, we went to a restaurant that was called Ted's 20 years ago, but I can never remember the "new" name. Aaron was great. He just ate up his vegetables and smiled so sweet.

I think that's all we did Wednesday. This was the day that Aaron took three naps and we got to spend a lot of time at my grandparents, so that was the whole day. Aaron was such a good napper on vacation. He took a lot of two hour naps. Now that we are back home he is resorting to his standard 1 hour, 15 minute nap twice a day. I had hoped that the two hour nap would follow us to Texas but it was not to be.

Aaron was definitely showing signs of getting more teeth while we were in Ohio. Since we've returned one of his top teeth has poked through and the other one does not look to be far behind. He is drooling like crazy and he's been a little cranky. I can't decide it that's the teeth or just decompressing from the big trip.

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Anonymous said...

It's so great that your grandparents Hartley got to spend time with them. They look very happy in the pictures. I like your reply to Grandpa Bill about the Bible! You're honest and succint--good traits when people are trying to figure out what's a good idea and what's not with your baby.

Don't be hard on yourself about the pictures. You needed the time to just "be" with family without worrying about always taking a picture, although I'm very glad you made a special effort to get all the "cousins" together. Thank you.