Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful for several reasons. First, obviously, it was Thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for. We got to be with our family, enjoy a lot of great food and have such a good time together. We were at Dad's and my grandparents came and Eric and Jessa and Doug and Mindy and all their kids. It was just wonderful. We had lunch and then in the evening the Knox family joined us. It was just a great holiday.

Another plus is that Aaron finally found someone he liked. Seriously. I don't want to say Aaron was difficult in Ohio because he really was good. However, he was definitely out of his element and he didn't take to being held by anyone other than Jory or I and he cried every single time I left the room he was in. Until...

Aunt Jessa! God love her. For the first time in four days I was able to take my happy self into the kitchen and get a glass of tea. She played with Aaron most of the day and I offered to pay her to stay through the week. I was serious. I don't think she knew that.

Aaron wore this outfit that says 'My 1st Thanksgiving'. We bought it for him before he was born. It is a 9 month outfit. That made sense to us at the time. Of course, Aaron is way too big for 9 month clothes, so it looked like he was wearing shorts!

We also opened Christmas presents on Thanksgiving since we will be in Texas at Christmas. Oh! It was so fun! I love Christmas! Aaron made out really well, of course! Grandma Sheri and Papa Tom got him those cute Cars pajamas that he has worn every night since we've been home! He got two other pairs of jammies. He also got some very cute clothes, like this 'Football' shirt. I didn't have it buttoned in this picture, so it looks kind of weird, but it's super cute.

Aaron got a huge, SOFT stuffed bear from his great-grandma and he got Fisher Price learning toys from his aunts and uncles and his grandparents and - best of all - he got some little plastic barn with plastic animals that you can drop down the chimney and pull out the barn door. Or something like that. I don't know, but it kept him busy for hours. Seriously, whatever this thing is, everyone should have one!

I am so Thankful for our family and for the wonderful holiday we got to share with them. It was very special. On Friday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike. I will post pictures of that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Folks, she's not exaggerating about him wanting her in his sights! But he was good, just as long as you were content to just watch him and not pick him up, which as weird as it may seem to some, was fine. Just to be able to actually see him in person and not on a screen was such a blessing!
The pictures are great, Sara.


Spicy Magnolia said...

Yeah for Aunt Jessa! :) I love Aaron in his little sweatshirt. What a special Thanksgiving!