Saturday, December 5, 2009

And now you'll have the rest of the story

I mentioned in the last post that we had a hard time decompressing after our holiday trip and that by Wednesday I was in desperate need of time to get things done. Well, it probably wasn't so much that we were decompressing as we had a son with another ear infection. Seriously! I completely missed all of the signs, which is stupid since we've been through this five times. But I kept thinking he was off track from the trip or his teeth were bothering him or he was tired or something. On Thursday morning as Aaron was screaming on my lap after refusing to take his morning nap it all hit me. I called Jory and asked if it was possible that Aaron had an ear infection again. (It had only been two weeks since the last one was diagnosed.) He agreed that Aaron had his usual symptoms and that I'd better call the doctor. I immediately started back tracking. I'm sure he's just tired, I said. Jory said he'd rather me go to the doctor and find out nothing was wrong then wait until we were four hours away and find out something was wrong (we were supposed to leave for Houston Friday).

So I called the doctor and was told that there was only one appointment available and it was in fifteen minutes. In spite of the rough morning Aaron was having I had managed to get us both bathed, but that was it. He was in a onesie and I was in a robe with wet hair. And we live 10 minutes from the doctor. And while I was on the phone with the nurse Aaron had a massive poop. I took a deep breath and said I could be there in 15 minutes. And I was. Remember me mentioning that Thursday was a hard day?

As the nurse, who knows me way too well, was leading me back to the exam room I was apologizing for taking her time. "I'm sure it's nothing. He's probably tired. We just got back from a big trip. It's just that we're not used to him waking up in the night or being fussy in the day, so we thought we should check it out. We're leaving town tomorrow or we wouldn't bother you. I'm sure he's fine..." Really. You should have heard me. And then the doctor came in.

Yes, Aaron has a double ear infection. Dr. Everett was very kind, but he was firm with me. Aaron can not handle being off antibiotics. He must have tubes. He said that Aaron is a poster child for tubes. It is not optional. He also must have them very soon as he will more or less be on antibiotics until the tubes can be put in. We should have a date to meet with the ENT on Monday and we will see Dr. Everett again on Tuesday. Dr. Everett is a wonderful doctor. I trust him and almost everyone I trust either sees him or someone in his practice. He explained the process to me and was extremely helpful. I am still very upset about Aaron being put under no matter how simple or quick the procedure is, but I also don't want him in pain or on antibiotics all of the time.

So, Thursday started with a difficult trip to the doctor and continued with the sad and disappointing realization that our trip to Houston was not in Aaron's best interest. But things have definitely gotten better. I have some good pictures from this weekend to post. And, on a happier note, do you love this Elmo sweat suit from Kimmie??? Aaron looked so cute in it!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, dear Sara. I am so sorry to hear about your rough day on Thursday. Bless all of your hearts. I will be praying for you all as you get ready to see the ENT and Aaron prepares to receive his tubes. Oh, that precious little boy and his precious momma! May the peace of the Lord be with you all!

Anonymous said...

Sari---First: I'm impressed that you got him there in 15 min's under the conditions! Awesome, really!
Second: You, Jory, and esp. Aaron are going to be under such a prayer blanket from all of the many folks who believe in prayer and who love you all dearly.
Take a deep breath, daughter, then put it in God's hands and leave it there---I know --easier said than done.
Third: You're fortunate that your doctor is so good. Tami of the B'ville gang wasn't so fortunate as I told you before. Her son's speech was affected because he lost hearing due to chronic ear infections that continued much too long. Tubes would have prevented that.
Fourth: He looks so adorable and I miss him (even if he wouldn't let me touch his toys)!:)
Fifth: Package of goodies is on its way!
Love you much---mom/gma