Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tall and Skinny

Aaron had his 9 Month Doctor's Appointment today. He is 30 inches long and almost 20 pounds. He is in the 95th percentile for height and the 30th for weight. This is fairly typical for him. His weight percentile dropped slightly, but he is a lot more active now, so that's common.

Dr. Everett was very impressed with Aaron's motor skills and his social/verbal skills. He said he's a little ahead developmentally. He was also pleased with Aaron's ears. They are, for the moment, infection-free. Aaron will stay on the antibiotics through next Thursday and hopefully his tubes will be put in by then. We go to see the ENT on Monday and we will get our surgery date then. I have had so many people reassure me about the tube operation. I am so thankful for that! And I really am glad that there is a procedure that can eliminate these infections for Aaron. I feel so badly for him.

There is one thing that Aaron is not doing. He doesn't put things in his mouth. Isn't that funny? It's good that he doesn't pick stuff off the ground and automatically insert it into his mouth, but it is really slowing down his learning to eat. I'm not kidding. The boy won't put anything in his mouth. Dr. Everett said to just keep putting finger foods in front of him on his highchair tray and show him what to do and eventually he'll start doing it. We put all kinds of stuff on his tray and he loves playing with it, but he doesn't try to eat it. We put a piece of food in his mouth and he eats it and enjoys it and then goes back to playing with the other pieces!

I love this shirt. It says 'Santa's Little Helper'. Aaron looked sooo cute today. Jessica, my friend from Sunday School, brought a BUNCH of clothes over yesterday for us to borrow. This was one of the outfits. She lent us a lot of the clothes that Aaron wore his first few months. She had to get up in the attic this weekend, so she pulled down Brooks' 12 and 18 month clothes. Brooks was a VERY well-dressed little boy. We are super blessed.

Ummm...Look at this picture of Aaron with a red mouth! Kimmie let Aaron lick an M&M this weekend. It was great fun for her. Aaron seemed to enjoy it, as well. And to think I haven't wanted him to have crackers because there is added sugar in them! HA! I know that's part of the fun of getting to be a grandparent!

And here is another picture with the Barn toys. That Barn is awesome. I really can not say that enough.

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