Monday, December 7, 2009

Dressing for Christmas

Yesterday was the last Sunday that we will be at our church before Christmas, so we all wore red. I love this picture of Aaron and his Daddy matching! I was worried about leaving Aaron in the nursery yesterday. He hasn't been in the church nursery (on Sunday or otherwise) for two weeks for various reasons. And in the last two weeks we've had major clinginess issues. Also, he was just moved to his new class and he had only been in there twice, so he really didn't know those ladies.
It was difficult to drop him off. He was very upset, but they were going to try to give him a bottle and see if he settled down. If he didn't, I was assured that he could go back to his old class where I was optimistic that he'd be comfortable. Well, he did fine. They said he settled down as soon as he took his bottle and he didn't cry at all while I was gone. I am so relieved. You have all been so sweet and reassuring that the separation anxiety is just a phase. It sure is a tough one, though!And look who got to hold Aaron Sunday! Kimmie and Papa John came and he let both of them hold him! We were never out of his sight, but he did really, really well. It was worlds different from the kid who wouldn't let his grandma touch him a few days ago. Of course, some of the neediness could also be that Aaron hasn't felt well. Hopefully that is about to improve dramatically.Aaron is finally starting to feel better. He slept through the night for the first time in a week last night. He actually slept 12 hours and he had a very good day today. It was the first day that he seemed to be feeling well. He still cupped his right ear when he woke up this morning, but after that there wasn't any indication that he felt badly. We are back to the doctor tomorrow and should have more news then. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and prayers, we appreciate it more than you can know!And just on final note...three people came up to me today to tell me how adorable my son is! Don't you love that? He's just fantastic out in public. I had to go pick out new eyeglasses the other day and this munchkin just sat quietly on the floor while I tried on pair after pair...aren't we blessed!


Anonymous said...

Your men certainly do look handsome in red! I love the reindeer antlers and the Christmas bib too! He is truly a good sport letting you put just about anything on him!
So glad he slept well last night--hope you did too. Sorry about your Houston trip though, but your little man needed you.
Thanks for all the pictures! I never tire of them!


Rebekah said...

HE IS SO CUTE!!!!! Christmas will be so fun this year!